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Colombian designers showcase at Dubai Design Week 2021

Colombian designers will converge on Dubai’s thriving design scene during Dubai Design Week 2021. Dubai Design Week, from November 8 - 13, is an exceptional opportunity to share appreciation for Colombian design and connect with visitors from around the world.

The Dubai Design Week is part of Expo Dubai, which will take place from October 2021 to March 2022 and will be host over 190 countries, displaying the latest trends of design. This year’s slogan, "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", is a concept for reflection and awareness of the crucial role of design and how it models the future.

Colombian designers and brands to take part in Dubai Design Week

By exploring the properties of different materials for shape and function, Colombian interior design brands highlight the diversity of traditional Colombian artisan decorative styles and techniques. The country’s participation in Dubai’s six-month exhibition is centered around the Colombia Pavilion, a 2,000 square meter presentation of 13 established and emerging designers.

Könkretus, Ángela Ramos G., Zientte, Carmen de Viboral, Atlas, L'Atelier Bogotá, Diamantina & La Perla, Tucurinca, Tu Taller Design, Guirnaldas, Fundación Crearte, Mónica Urquijo, and Artesanías de Colombia are the companies representing Colombian interior and exterior design within an experiential showroom. To understand the research and work invested in furniture design, the creation of objects such as chairs, hand-painted tableware and interior lighting design, attendees will be able to see these products up close, interacting and connecting with these concept designs displayed in the showroom.

ProColombia’s interior design showcase: Design Room Colombia

As a window into the world Colombian design, ProColombia has developed a virtual showroom that is curated to present the best products and design concepts made locally. The idea behind Design Room Colombia revolves around the country’s talented designers creating spaces with unique pieces of modern interior and exterior decor. On Relieve Tropical and Central Edition, Colombian designers recreate entire environments, resulting in a collection of sophistication and innovation. With these efforts in play, the country’s industry of interior and exterior design is ready to set the stage alight at Dubai Design Week.

From modern interior decoration to contemporary style, there is a wide range of interior decoration styles to explore by following the paths charted by Colombian designers.

Features of the Colombian design industry

Colombia’s design industry innovative pieces created with high-quality materials to international markets. In fact, furniture designers and brands are looking to innovation as a main competitive factor. For Colombian designers, the country’s artisan tradition is now translated into specialized processes that have been crafted with the utmost care throughout every stage.

Additionally, the industry’s stakeholders are committed to sustainability through eco-friendly practices. Colombia’s diversity is at the root of its design, materials, and ideas- all stemming from nature. This vision accentuates the environmental value of design, adding to the complexities of context and the future perspectives for use, evolution, and eventual transformation of every object created.

To find out more about Colombia’s interior design companies and their concepts on Design Room Colombia, click here. Explore the country’s design highlights on a virtual showcase room, created to share Colombian interior and exterior design with a well-curated offer.