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Tips From The Tops: 5AM | Design Room Colombia

Learn these interior design tips to personalize your spaces offered by Juanita Betancur, creative director of 5AM.
Tips From The Tops: Diamantina y La Perla | Design Room Colombia

When choosing decor to transform spaces, the most important thing to recognize is your lifestyle. Get to know these basic interior design tips from Susana Mejía, creative director of Diamantina and La Perla.
Diamantina y La Perla
Tips From The Tops: KÖNKRETUS | Design Room Colombia

Find this tip from Luis Ignacio Franco, from KÖNKRETUS, to experiment with materials such as concrete in your interior design projects.
Tips From The Tops: MUS | Design Room Colombia

Discover the balance between decoration and functionality with this tip from David Trejos, designer at MUS.
Tips From The Tops: Perceptual | Design Room Colombia

For decoration and interior design, you have to look for things that bring you happiness. Learn these tips and more from Nicolás Gómez, designer of Perceptural.
Tips From The Tops: Sativa | Design Room Colombia

When designing spaces with plants or interior gardens, the most important thing to consider is the plant's needs. Learn more tips for integrating decorative plants into your interior design projects from Andrea Medina, founder and CEO of Sativa.