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Andres Mesa, Luis Ignacio Franco y Daniel Mesa



Andres Mesa, Luis Ignacio Franco y Daniel Mesa

Furniture design

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This design company is located in Medellín, where its creators live and operate. Their close proximity to suppliers and industrial spaces have provided great opportunities that have met their high expectations. The company specializes in design, fabrication, and commercialization of urban and home products, using concrete as their primary material. They have a sophisticated urban style and consider design to be a tool used to transform. Könkretus is characterized by respect and the ability to explore creatively with concrete, which is a well-known material seen almost everywhere. The brand is inspired by human behavior and habits, seeking to generate new urban dynamics. For the company, the concrete must have a balance between millenary and contemporary styles and feature versatility, durability, and appearance. Through their exterior design products, they have found new functions and applications that the adaptable material offers. They have collaborated with architectural and urban design companies, product designers, and design companies.

The concrete is defined as simple and neutral, robust and durable by nature, but extremely versatile when combined with other materials, textures, and functions. It is a material that becomes stronger with time, lighter and thinner with new technology, and more aesthetic when the design is processed in a delicate and detailed way.


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