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Artesanías de Colombia



Artesanías de Colombia is the Colombian entity that works for the benefit of artisans in the Country. They are natural artists who make the objects that identify us as a Nation. For over 50 years we have focused our work on the promotion of Colombian crafts around the world. Artisans, the real entrepreneurs, are the ambassadors of the different regions of Colombia. Their pieces hold the creative DNA of our people for each fiber, knit, mold or design is the reflection of our nature and our cultural richness.

Artesanias de Colombia not only protect, promote and value the talent of Colombian hand-crafters by utilizing their skills.  We develop and design products that preserve the Colombian origins and its culture. Our creativity is inspired by each Colombian handcrafter. Combining their techniques and the ideas of the designers in order to make the new product unique.   We aim to impact the cultural, social, and economic sectors.


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