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Camila Gómez Garcia



Tybso has dedicated itself to creating and providing the ultimate dining experience since the company’s founding over 20 years ago. Their fascination for ceramic pottery, made completely by hand, has provided them with a unique level of expertise in the tableware design market, especially pertaining to products that complement the concept of interior design. Tybso was developed by two generations with studies in art and a team of 21 artists. The company´s passion for design is reflected in their creation of unique pieces that highlight the relationship between a dish and a recipe. Each Tybso piece is made to last for years, encouraging them to be passed on through generations and to complement collections rather than replacing them. They work with high impact porcelain, utilizing a unique formula and baking system that resists convection ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and wood ovens, resulting in a highly versatile product for different types of markets.

Going deeper into the names inherited by our cultures, I found the word “Tybso” in a Precolumbian Dictionary, Tybso is a Muisca Word which means “clay of potters”. This was perfect for us because it´s what potters do, its the work of transforming the clay into a useful object.


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