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Juanita Betancur y Juan Manuel Barrera


5 AM

Juanita Betancur y Juan Manuel Barrera

Furniture, Lightning and Deco

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This furniture design brand, founded in 2011 by Juanita Betancur Velásquez and Juan Manuel Barrera Betancur, specializes in furniture, lighting, and home decor. They draw inspiration from the objects that surround them; nature, geometrical shapes, and local materials. The latter is very important to them, as their exploration of materials is what makes their work truly unique. The style of the brand is the sum of several factors: the love for interior design, worldwide decorative trends, good taste and the search for the necessary elements to elevate each space within a home. 5 AM products are often created from raw material with a special focus on the shapes the designers want to represent. They have held collaborations with places like Click Clack Hotel, Laguardia Furnish Store, and Opus Estudio. Also, being from Medellín, they have a special interest in incorporating work from local artisans.

One of the things we value the most in furniture design is showcasing the material as it is. We love for the marks of the wood and the pores of the concrete to be seen. We believe in raw materials just as they are, not thinking they have to be perfect. Perfection comes from within the materials.


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