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Laura Palacio


Vida Útil

This brand started in Medellín in 2012, as a new proposal for the city's local market, with a philosophy based on creating timeless products that do not go out of style and invite people to enjoy the spaces in a new way. It´s specialty is decorative lamps for domestic and institutional spaces. They don't have just one source for inspiration during the lamp design process, but instead like to analyze the moments of lighting: morning, afternoon, and night. With these observations, they look to establish how these moments provide a state of well-being and balance to enjoy these spaces. As a colombian brand , they design seeking balance between tradition and modern style, mixing handcraft and modern materials. One of their primary objectives is to make durable products that can be passed on from generation to generation, as they say, good interior design lasts a lifetime. They consider that creating objects of lamp design involve environmental responsibility, so they try to be part of the change. They are present in various Colombian cities and hope to export to other Latin American countries and Europe.

We want to create objects that transcend through time and do not correspond to a timely fashion but accompany people in their moments of life. We want this objects to grow within the families, that move with them, that is something they value so much that they don't want to set aside and becomes part of the space.


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