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Susana Mejía Gaviria y Daniela Mejía Gaviria


Diamantina y La Perla

Susana Mejía Gaviria y Daniela Mejía Gaviria

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Established in 2013, Diamantina y la Perla is a brand which focuses on furniture design and decorative products for homes. It is characterized by its unique pieces that are made by local artists, imparting their brand seal on each product to differentiate it from others. In doing so, they ensure that every person who purchases one of their pieces for interior design will appreciate it as a one-of-a-kind treasure made by a Colombian artist. Their products embody the concept of juxtaposing traditional styles with modern trends. The design of the brand is primarily minimalistic with a vintage style, which is a perfect complement for interior design projects that seek a modern environment with a “green touch” for the home. The following is included within their portfolio: chair designs, tables, decoration objects, design pots and hanging lamps, and more.

We are interested in understanding the artists, knowing what their process is, and from our comprehension of engineering and design, discover how we can transform them. Also, the way we become a multidisciplinary group where the artist or designer, with its techniques and ancestral knowledge, can be transformed in objects that have the potential of being in the current international design.


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