Design Room Colombia, a window to contemporary design

Design Room Colombia is the first digital platform that highlights the talent and decoration of interiors and exteriors of Colombian origin. It was created in 2018 to position the country as a leader in furniture design and decoration in international stages.
For both editions: Relieve Tropical and Edición Central, twenty designers of Colombian decoration brands recreate different environments through unique pieces of modern interior decoration and exteriors with a contemporary style. The result: a great collection of sophistication and innovation, creativity and Colombian talent, turned into a global offer of design and decoration.

Edición Central
Edición Central

Interior design companies and exteriors of Colombian origin, as well as emerging designers offering unique pieces, come together to solve a design need and harmonize different spaces and environments that, when considered as a whole, become an art gallery of furniture design eclectic contemporary.

Relieve Tropical

Inspired by the thermal floors of Colombia and its geography, this furniture design and decoration objects present the contrast of sunsets in the Caribbean and the green color of the moors. From the textures, fibers, and colors that reflect tropicality and generate various shapes, the history of Colombian interior and exterior design is told from its roots.

Why Colombia?


Colombian interior design is rewriting its history. New generations of designers and interior design companies have found new spaces to offer their proposals and related markets to position their creations, which, for the most part, highlight the diversity of decoration styles, trades, and the Colombian artisan tradition. Design Room Colombia becomes the first digital platform that promotes Colombian interior design and presents it to and international audience that is in search of new talents, authentic designs for interior decoration and exteriors, and avant-garde trends.

International Center, Bogotá; photo courtesy Mario Carvajal

bombillo Curators

Monica Barreneche


"I'm sharing the theory of the industrial designer Jaime Gutiérrez Lega. He says that "everything that doesn't happen by chance, happens by design." For me, the design has to be present in a photo, in a text with words that are communicated in a clear, simple, and convincing way; in an exhibition that generates sensations and a connection with the person who is observing, and in the way that the brand positions itself."
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Claudia Correa


"902 Showroom is a platform that has allowed me to develop a career as an interior design because it creates projects from different visions. Design Room Colombia enables me to think about complete and collaborated concepts that combine due to the team's work. I don't believe in uniformity, the style of the different brands stand out from their conception to harmonize environments that tell a story. Watch video


pen Designers

Get to know the offer of the Colombian designers, those who elevate the country's name to the highest point thanks to the impeccable manufacture of their work

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